My name is John. I am a software engineer. I enjoy coding, photography, movies, web3, security, etc...

I like building, programming, fixing, networking, and learning about computers.
Microcontrollers are a lot of fun as well.
I also like finding vintage electronics like this Z-Angle Meter or the front panel of an IBM 1401
I like trying to fix them as well, but I'm not always successful.
I like trying to solve Rubik's cubes.
I also like Web3 programming and NFTS
I like creating and collecting digital art.
I also like creating data visualizations.

A visual representation of a Markov tree based on web navigation data.

Using community detection (Louvain) to segment users based on behavior.

A binary analysis / visualization of a high resolution capture of the Mona Lisa.

A network analysis of different brands to develop a distance metric.

I've deployed some smart contracts

BlockMazing is a on-chain NFT that creates a unique maze. The contract is written so that there can only ever be 256 of these mazes. Minting a new maze cost 0.025 ETH and those funds were donated directly the EFF. Each maze has a static image, 3D Model, and animation of the maze creation process.

ASCIIWall is a blockchain-based shared canvas. Anyone can write on it. It's like latrinalia, but in the blockchain. Each mint captures the current state of the wall. Future mints can overwrite and augment the wall.

I collected some of my favorite photos from over the years and deployed a smart contract to organize them. Rather than using mainnet, I've used polygon to reduce the gas fees.