Postfix Postqueue Parser

I'm starting to learn a bit more about Postfix. It's one of those things that I've treated as a black box for a long time. We've been running with basically the same configuration for a very long time. This week we noticed that the active queue backed up with tens of thousands of emails across a few different domains. After waiting for a few hours, we decided to try to purge the emails that were queued up.

By default Postfix has a bunch of commands to give you insight into the queues and where emails are backing up. E.g.

I really like the way the qshape tool illustrates where the bottleneck in the queue is by pivoting domain and age. My goal was to make a simple script to easily purge emails from any queue based on the age of the email. The easiest starting point is to leverage the output from the postqueue tool.

When you run postqueue you get output that looks a bit like this:

The output is a little unusual because records are actually separated an empty line. The other thing that's a little unusual about this output is the format of the date. There is no year. My script won't work very well on January first. Right now it's just a maintenance script, but if I wanted to run this all the time in order to regularly purge old emails, I would need to handled that particular situation better.

Here is the initial script:

I was considering writing it in perl, but changed my mind because I didn't want to figure out how to parse a date on our production system. I have no idea if any date handling modules or if cpan is available on that system. Go in this instance is helpful because it can be cross compiled and deployed very easily.

In order to purge our queues of old emails I ran something like this:

postqueue -p -c /etc/postfix-02 | ./postqueueparse-linux-amd64 -m 1000 | \
  postsuper -c /etc/postfix-02 -d -

First, I'm getting all of the emails are in the queue for the 02 instance of Postfix. Our system runs multiple instances of Postfix, so the tools need to know which instance I'm working with. I pass that output into the parser script. That will filter down so that it's only outputting the queue IDs of emails that have an arrival time more than 1000 minutes ago. At that point, I can pass the queue IDs into postsuper -d - in order to purge the queue and delete any stale emails.